5 Ways to Make Your Bridal Shower Unique

Bride ShowerBridal showers are an event that brings together family and friends to celebrate the impending marriage of the bride. Lately they have been given a bum rap because of their negative stigma of being boring. Nothing says dull more than playing the same old bridal shower games and eating tiny finger sandwiches. Here are a few creative ideas to make your bridal shower unique, and an event that your friends and family won’t want to miss.

1. Get Focused on Food

If the couple has a passion for cooking, consider hosting a recipe shower where all the guests bring their favorite recipes, and a utensil that’s handy when preparing the dish. Go with a potluck supper theme and asks guests to bring their favorite dish to pass around. Another great food related idea would be to hire a local chef to give the bride and the other guests a cooking lesson, and include a fun dessert at the end that everyone can take home!
2. Toss Out the Old Rules

Nobody says you have to stick to the typical old fashioned notions when hosting a bridal shower. Let the bride’s personality and wedding scheme dictate the theme of your bridal shower. Jazz things up with the bride’s colors, where the happy couple is planning to go on their honeymoon and some of their favorite hobbies. If you are a golf couple, give out personalized golf balls. If you’re going to a tropical destination for your honeymoon, send your guests home with a fun pair of flip flops!

3. Cocktail Themed Bridal Shower

If cocktails are more to her liking, have a “stock the bar” bridal shower, where everyone brings a couple bottles of liquor. For the wine loving connoisseur, you can throw a wine tasting party and have guests bring a bottle for the wine tasting and another bottle for the couple’s collection. You can even hire a bartender to fix some favorite drinks. Give out bar tools, or wine stoppers that go along with the theme of the party. American Bridal has all sorts of wine stopper bridal shower favors, from butterflies and hearts to starfish and snowflakes!

Bride4. Throw a Slumber Party

Consider throwing an adult slumber party and make it special by hosting it at a hotel. Reserve adjoining suites, order room service and have a blast partying the night away. Give out embroidered slippers, or pajama shorts with the bride’s name and date on them!

5. Soothe the Jitters

If the bride loves to be pampered, you could hold the bridal shower at a local spa or salon. This way everyone can enjoy various spa treatments. Another great way to unwind would be to set up a private yoga or zumba class for the whole crowd. Don’t forget the bubbly and the fluffy white spa robes!

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