6 Things To Consider When Choosing A Wedding Venue

Stone Hall Wedding VenueMost women have dreamt of their wedding days since they were still a little girl. So on that special day, it just makes sense that preparations are well-tended to and everything is as close to perfection as it could be. A lot of couples would hire a wedding planner to supervise everything, but the couple would still have to make the final call when it comes to the choices.

Choosing the right venue for the wedding and/or the reception requires careful consideration. After all, it’s the place that would hold the event, and the success of the celebration relies heavily on it. So when you choosing the venue for your big event, consider the following things:

Number of Guests

Make sure your venue can hold the number of guests that you are expecting. Always make room for a few more, because there might be some last minute RSVPs, or additions to the guest list. If the wedding and the reception will be held at different venues, consider the distance between the two and the mobility of the guests.

Every wedding has its budget, and the price for your venue should not cause you to break the said budget. Ask thoroughly if they have other charges and read the contract carefully to avoid hidden charges. Most venues charge for corkage, implement overtime fees, so don’t forget to inquire about those as well. You wouldn’t want to be surprised when you receive your bill after the wedding.

Motif and Theme

Ask yourself if the venue fits the motif and the theme of your wedding. Weigh the amount of work that you need to put into the place to make it fit your wedding theme. It is wiser to look for a venue that ticks all the boxes right from the start than to spend a small fortune trying to personalize the space. Also inquire if there are limitations to the decorations that you can place.


Check if the guests will find it convenient to go to the said venue. Make sure that the place is accessible and has enough provision for handicapped guests and elderly ones, if you are expecting any. If the wedding is held in a big city, it will help if the place can be reached by public transportation.

redbud hall reception venueFacilities

This includes adequate parking space, bathrooms, audio-visual system and a room for the couple to freshen up. If it is a hall, check if the air conditioning units are functioning properly and there is enough lighting. If you plan to have a band, ask if there is a stage or provision for one.

Additional Services

It would make it even more convenient if the venue can provide the chairs, tables and catering. Make sure to ask if they have additional in-house services because chances are, you can get a discount by availing a package of multiple services from the venue provider.
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