“I’m Sorry for What I Said When I Was Hungry.”

We’re all too familiar with the petty arguments that arise in relationships. Irritability and too much time spent together can cause couples to get testy with one another but spouses are at each other’s throats and it seems to stem from something else – hunger.

The Effects Being "Hangry" Can Have on Your Relationship | Texas Old Town

Studies show that munching on a protein bar might have more than the obvious health benefits; it might prevent an unnecessary argument with your significant other. “Hangry” is the term of the hour and it’s becoming an issue with couples if they don’t fill their bellies in an ample amount of time. A combination of hungry and angry, hangry husbands or wives are a force to be reckoned with.

Low blood sugar can make us touchy and sensitive to aggravation, researches show. Self-control relies on glucose, says researcher Brad Bushman of Ohio State University. When our glucose levels are low, uncontrolled anger is the emotion that results.

The recently released study surrounds 107 married couples that were examined for three weeks. Each night, their blood sugar levels were measured and afterwards, they were asked to stick pins in a voodoo doll representing their spouse. This was meant to be an indication of their levels of aggression.

Studies concluded that the lower the glucose levels, the more pins were stabbed into the voodoo doll. The spouses with the lowest levels pushed twice as many pins and twice as hard as those who had the highest blood sugar levels.

Researchers say there is a valid reason that links eating to emotion and that is that the brain, which is only a mere two percent of the body’s weight, consumers nearly 20 percent of our calories.

So next time you are about to get feisty with your spouse over whether you are going to watch the NHL Playoffs of Grey’s Anatomy, eat a candy bar. You don’t want to have to apologize for what you said when you were hangry.

(Source: Huffington Post)

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Wedding Planning: Get All You Can Out of Blogs!

The wedding planning process can absolutely be overwhelming but when you have useful resources right at your fingertips, the long search for perfect wedding attributes can be reduced (as well as your stress level). Bloggers spend their days searching for latest trends and awesome advice from magazines and websites to make your life a little bit easier.

Wedding Planning: Get All You Can Out of Blogs | Texas Old Town

Here are some of the best things you can get out of reading wedding blogs – like ours!

Vendors – From the caterer to DJ, you will spend most of your planning searching for vendors. By browsing the internet for blog posts and reviews, you will be able to narrow down your list of possible candidates. The internet is your one stop shop for who you can rely on, who is available and who had a great or not-so-great experience with the potential vendor. After all, who else can you trust if not fellow newlyweds?

Advice from Real Couples – Blogs are a great outlet to seek advice from real couples who went through the entire planning process already. Southern Weddings is a great source for reading up on the couple’s story; why they chose the venue they chose, their relationship background and of course, the beautiful wedding photos!  These blogs are also a helpful way to see their recommendations on what/what not to do.

Inspiration – The jewel in the crown for wedding blogs: inspiration. You might have already decided that you will have an intimate ceremony in a beach setting but you might not know how to tie in all of your “non-negotiables.” Websites such as Bayside Bride illustrate original photographs from past weddings to serve as inspiration along with DIY tutorials.

The more content you can find, the better. You should read as many blogs pertaining to the ceremony, reception and everything in between as you can. The inspiration that you can find just by picking up your iPhone is outstanding and will help fill your day with love, creativity and cost-effective tricks!

How You Know You’ve Found the Right One

Finding your soul mate is a beautiful thing. They’re the one you will share all of your trials and tribulations with; the one whom you will share your dreams and darkest secrets. They’re the one who you will share your journey through life with. “The One.” But how do you know you have found this person? Everyone says, “When you know, you know,” but is that really true?

How Your Know When You've Found The One | Texas Old Town

According to an article from Huffington Post, there are a number of signs may indicate that you have found this special once-in-a-lifetime person:

1. You have gotten the stamp of approval from family and friends – This factor is important to a lot of people. Support from loved ones can honestly make or break a relationship. Director of the National Marriage Project, W. Bradford Wilcox, says that “Couples who have parents, in-laws and friends who support them as a couple are much more likely to go the distance.”

2. You think in terms of “we” – When you begin to think of yourselves as a “we” instead of individuals, this is a strong indicator that your relationship has the potential to last. Marital satisfaction is often determined by those who are committed to doing what is in the best interest of the relationship as opposed to what is best just for one individual partner.

3. You have disagreements, but resolve them productively – Any good relationship has its ups and downs. Conflict is natural but it is how those arguments are handled that predicts longevity of the relationship. Dr. Terri Orbuch, relationship expert and author, says that “How both of you behave now when you have a disagreement also says a lot about how you will (or won’t) resolve problems in the future.” A fight or argument can solve a lot especially if there is a major issue but it will not be productive if one partner curses, screams or dismisses the other.

4. Different, yet still the same – While the saying “opposites attract” is true, it is not necessarily accurate in terms of long-term success. Couples should be different enough to keep things interesting but alike where it matters most such as morals and beliefs. Individuals with very different values and virtues will not succeed long-term.

While these are just a few things to consider in your relationship, we’re sure that these and the other points highlighted in this article will only make you even more certain that your fiancé is the right one for you!

Tips for Pregnant Brides-to-Be

Planning for your big day can be stressful on its own, but some brides have the added stress of pregnancy as well. Here are some tips that can help the bride (and mother) to be.

Wedding Dress – The first thing to do is to make sure that your dress will be big enough in order to make room for your bump. If you let the tailor know about your due date and how far along you will be at the time of your wedding, then they will be able to make it big enough. Don’t pay any mind to the size number though- not only do they run bigger than normal dress sizes, but you are making room for a bundle of joy!

Tips for Pregnant Brides-to-Be | Texas Old Town

Also, you will want to make sure the style of the dress is looser than the typical wedding dress; you don’t want to be uncomfortable dancing on your special night!

Make sure to wear comfortable shoes as well, you are bound to be on your feet a lot throughout the day.

Reception – There are plenty of special opportunities at the reception when the thoughts of a baby are in the mix. One fun suggestion is that the wedding cake also reveal the gender of t he baby. Simply have your cake suppliers add in either pink or blue food dye and surprise your guests!

This should go without saying, but, make sure to skip the champagne and other alcoholic beverages. You should also make sure to stay well hydrated and eat when you need to.

Timing – Timing is extremely important when juggling these two events. You want to make sure that you are not having the wedding too close to your due date. It is best to schedule it up to your second trimester. Morning sickness is usually not an issue by then. Also, mommies to be tend to experience the worst fatigue at night, so try to have a daytime event.

Stress – While it may be hard, try not to stress! It may be helpful to enlist the help of a friend or a wedding planner to take over some of the planning. Maybe the groom can help you out, too.

If people are pushing your buttons, then just calmly explain to them that stress isn’t good for the mom or the baby, and take a break and come back to the conversation later.

The big day ought to be enjoyable for everyone involved, so these tips are just the beginning to all the things you could do to help make your day go by smoother for the bride and mother to be.

Tips for Booking Your Honeymoon Online

Once the I dos have been spoken and the celebration with family and friends has come to an end, there’s just one more thing that you have to look forward to before you begin to settle into your everyday lives together as newlyweds. That’s right, we’re talking about the honeymoon. Assuming that you are planning to take your trip right after the wedding day, this will probably be the first time that you two will be spending quality alone time together as a marriedTips for Booking Your Honeymoon Online | Texas Old Town couple, and we know you want to do it right.

So as you’re still in the midst of wedding planning chaos, don’t forget to take a few minutes here and there to give some time to your honeymoon plans, especially if you’re hoping to book the trip online by yourself. If you’re not sure where to begin, just check out these great tips from Travelocity’s senior editor, Courtney Scott:

Look for Bundles – According to a study conducted from Travelocity, you can actually save up to $525 by bundling your flight, hotel and even your rental car together. Not only can you pick and choose your hotel and flight to match your preferences, but vacation packages like this give travelers access to flight and hotel prices that aren’t even available to those who decide to book separately. What’s even more, depending on the package, you may even get hooked up with some great extras!

Zone In – So many couples hold off on taking advantage of a great deal just because they’re convinced that something better will come along later. Avoid doing this; if you see a good deal, buy it. Prices fluctuate when it comes to travel and the longer you wait, the higher prices will climb. If you’re nervous that your ”great deal” is actually a hoax, keep in mind that sites like Travelocity put out a price to beat every travel season that customers can use to gauge with when booking. Additionally, we would highly recommend that you sign up for deal alerts through the site, as well.

Go the Road Less Traveled – We all know the types of destinations that have been labeled as the “ideal honeymoon spot,” but that doesn’t make them the be-all-end-all. There are plenty of gorgeous locations to choose from that you may not have immediately thought of, but they could end up being better than anything you could have imagined. Plus you’re likely to get way better deals off the beaten path!

For more tips from Travelocity’s Courtney Scott, check out the full article on Bridal Guide and let us know if you have anything to add! We’d love to hear your thoughts as you plan your dream honeymoon!

Throw an Epic Wedding After Party on a Budget

Sometimes the wedding celebration just isn’t enough. No, what you need is an after-party for your guests who love to party. Sure, the grandparents, the flower girl and ring bearer are probably all tuckered out, but not you. In fact, you, your new husband and all your friends are just getting started – so why not throw an epic after party to compliment your wedding?

Throw an Epic Wedding After Party on a Budget | Texas Old Town

We know, we know – the thought of spending more money might make you a little nervous, but there are tons of ways to throw an after party everyone will remember, on a budget.

With the help of our friends at The Knot, here are five ideas to throw an epic after party on a budget:

1. Reserve an after party location: or ask your wedding venue to rent out the hall for a few additional hours. We recommend keeping the party close to the venue or hotel if you choose to go somewhere else. This makes it convenient for your wedding guests, and of course, for you and your newlywed.

2. Set up speakers and be your own DJ: everyone loves a personal playlist. Pick out your favorite songs, or ask your friends for some song suggestions. Plug in your iPod or computer, let the playlist go and dance the night away!

3. Use your own phones and digital cameras to capture the after party: after you say goodbye to the professional wedding photographer, capture the rest of the night your own way with your camera phones and digital cameras! You don’t need a professional to capture these particular moments!

4. Arrange for transportation to get everyone back to the hotel: to ensure everyone’s safety, and for convenience, hire a shuttle bus to transport guests from the after party back to the hotel; they’ll certainly appreciate it!

5. Pick a few late night food items to serve: and some water and Advil, of course. Your guests will surely work up an appetite dancing the night away, so serve up delicious, late night, greasy food. It will also soak up some of the alcohol, helping to avoid a wicked hangover the next day.

And lastly, leave whenever you’re ready to go. After all, it’s been a long, exciting day for you and your new husband (or wife). This night should be about what you want!

A New Idea for Personalized Bridesmaids Gifts

With all of the other things that you have running through your mind when it comes to planning your wedding, one of the last things you may think about is what to get your bridesmaids. Of course, you want to gift them with something extra special for being by your side on the day that you marry the love of your life, but what could that be?

A New Idea for Personalized Bridesmaids Gifts | Texas Old Town

In all honesty, there really is no right or wrong answer when  it comes to your bridesmaid gifts; as long as it is something that is giving from a place of love and gratitude, there’s no doubt that your girlfriends will love anything. If you’re looking for suggestions however, keep in mind that a lot of brides choose to go with something that has a personalized touch. For many, this can mean monogramming jewelry, handbags, flasks or anything else of that nature. But there is another way to add a personal touch to your gift without initials.

Have you ever thought about a gift that features each lady’s personal zodiac sign? It’s a great way to highlight each woman’s personality in a way that is hardly ever utilized in bridesmaids’ gifts. She’ll love that you took the time to learn her sign and considering all of the great items that are available with zodiac symbols, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from.

Need a few ideas? Check out of few of the gift ideas highlighted in this article from The Knot and let us know if zodiac-inspired gifts are something that you would ever consider for your bridesmaids!