Is an All-Inclusive Honeymoon Right for You?

Regardless of whether you’re planning to leave for your honeymoon the day after your wedding or if you’ll be waiting just a few months longer, getting everything sorted for your first big vacation as a married couple is not something to put off. If you’re like many couples, you’ve already begun thinking about the possibility of an all-inclusive trip – and we can’t blame you. With all of the expenses involved with a wedding, the thought of paying for everything all at once and not having to worry about the money again is extremely appealing.

Planning the Perfect Honeymoon

All things considered, remember that all-inclusive trips aren’t for everyone. Ask yourselves these few questions before making the big decision:

Do you like being active on your vacations?
When it comes to tropical destinations in particular, tons of activities are already included in the all-inclusive package. If you don’t see yourself getting up to partake in things such as snorkeling, kayaking, cave tours, etc., you may just be paying extra for no reason.

Do you plan to drink a lot?
We all know how overpriced alcoholic drinks can be on vacation. With most all-inclusive packages, alcohol is almost always included, meaning that you don’t have to worry about the cost of those Mai Tais on the beach.

Would you rather be left alone?
Still wrapped up in wedded bliss, we know that you and your new spouse will want to have a bit of alone time during your honeymoon. However, do you want it to stay that way throughout the majority of your trip, or are you interested in meeting new people? All-inclusive trips often bring like-minded people together, and you may just find yourselves sharing cocktails and spending a great deal of your trip with another couple. If this doesn’t sound like the most ideal situation, ask your travel agent about the resort’s atmosphere before booking.

So what do you think? Is an all-inclusive honeymoon the right choice for you? Let us know what your deciding factor was in the comments section below!
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Choosing the Right Song for the Mother-Son Dance

There’s so much tradition associated with a bride and her father. Not only does he get to walk his daughter down the aisle and give her away to the man who is promising to take over in protecting her for the rest of his life, but there’s so much emotion that does into the father-daughter dance at the reception. Sometimes, we get so wrapped up in this special relationship that we forget there is another relationship that deserves just as much attention: the one between the groom and his mother.

Just as girls tend to form a close bond with their fathers growing up, there are no real words to describe the one between a mother and her son. However, as the mother-son dance is the only (if not one of the few) wedding traditions that allows for this relationship to take center stage, it should not be something that is taken lightly.

Listen grooms, even if dancing is not your cup of tea and you really wouldn’t mind one way or another if there was a mother-son dance, remember that this is important to the woman who raised you. Your new wife will soon become the most important woman in your life and will be able give you things that your mother cannot, and that can be a heartbreaking thought for her to process.

In an effort to help you choose a song for your mother-son dance that will help you say the words that you can’t, Brides Magazine has created a special Spotify playlist for you to consider. Take a listen below and let us know if any of their choices caught your ear and made you think, yeah, that’s the one for mom.


Healthy Snacks that Will Help You De-Stress Before the Wedding

There’s no doubt about it; planning a wedding can be extremely stressful. As if you don’t already have enough going on with work, daily responsibilities and your seemingly fading social life, finding time to put a wedding together and also get a decent night’s sleep can be very difficult. All you want is to reach for your favorite pint of ice cream for a bit of comfort and solace but alas, that’s not very wedding diet-friendly.

Healthy Snacks that Will Help You De-Stress Before the Weddingefore the Wedding | Texas Old Town

Luckily, there are plenty of delicious snacks to munch on that are not only healthy, but can help you to de-stress, as well. Check them out:

Shelled Pistachios – Super yummy and rich in heart healthy nutrients, choosing shelled nuts can actually help you to eat less since it takes a bit longer to get past the shell. Plus, being able to physically crack open those shells can serve as an awesome outlet for your stress.

Dark Chocolate – Here’s an excuse to get your chocolate fix, guilt-free! Studies have shown that eating just one ounce of dark chocolate can help to relax your blood vessels and alleviate stress. So sit back and enjoy a bite or sip on a cup of cocoa made with real dark chocolate and feel the stress roll off your shoulders.

Seafood – Yeah, this one surprised us, too! Evidently, seafood is rich with DHA/EPA, which helps to balance stress levels. As an added bonus, it’s also a great option for those who are looking to shed a few pounds before saying I Do.

Looking for more de-stressing snacks to choose from? Brides Magazine may have a few more options to choose from. Have any more that you’d like to add to the list? Let us know in the comments section below!

3 Things Not to Wear For Your Engagement Photos

Once you have the ring on your finger, you’ll immediately want to dive right into the wedding planning process. As fun as this can be for some brides, there’s very little instant gratification involved. You can pick your venue, hire the caterer and choose a DJ over a live band, but you’ll still have to wait until the wedding day to see it all come together. That’s why we feel that having engagement photos taken is a good idea. Not only is it a way to share your big news with family and friends, but for many, it’s something that you have done and in-hand within a few weeks.

3 Things Not to Wear For Your Engagement Photos | Texas Old Town

That being said, you’ll obviously want these photos to be perfect – and what you and your fiancé choose to wear plays a big role in that result. So if you find yourself at a complete loss for your engagement photo outfit, allow us to give you a few recommendations for what not to wear:

Matchy-Matchy Outfits – Coordinating colors can be cute and helps to create a uniform look, but don’t go overboard. Everyone knows those old, embarrassing family photos where everyone is wearing a white tee and jeans and the last thing you want is to look back on these photos and wonder what you were ever thinking. Instead, try choosing colors that complement each other rather than matching to the exact shade.

Loud Patterns and Logos – They’re just too distracting – but this should be fairly obvious. Your engagement photos are a really big deal, and you don’t want anything to draw attention away from you, your fiancé and of course, the ring. Not only can logos cause you to look like a human advertisement, but sporting a pattern that may potentially be out of style in the next few years can lead to you unintentionally aging your photos and yourselves.

Anything That Makes You Uncomfortable – This one rings especially true for the brides-to-be. Not only do we tend to wear heels that we know are going to kill us after five minutes, but we don’t think about the length of our skirts/dresses the way we should. Sure, you love the look but think about the poses you want to take during your session; will you be able to lie down in the grass and feel comfortable about where the hem falls? If your clothes cause you to feel uncomfortable, it will undoubtedly show on your face.

For more tips on what not to wear for your engagement photos, read more on Then once it comes time for your session, be sure to share your photos with us on the Texas Old Town Facebook page! We’d love to see how they turn out!

Bridal Runway: Top Wedding Dress Trends for 2015

Now that another successful Bridal Market has come to an end, now is the time that fashion’s elite come together and announce the top trends for bride’s this season. As hundreds and hundreds of Fall/Winter 2015 wedding gown styles made their way down the bridal runway, there were definitely a few looks that we could classify as “out there,” but on the other hand, there were quite a few that had us (and women everywhere) staring doe-eyed at our computer screens with pure aspiration.

Bridal Runway:  Top Wedding Dress Trends for 2015 | Texas Old Town

While each designer featured in this year’s Bridal Market has his own individual style and vision, there were a number of elements that managed to pop up in almost every showing. So when it comes to shopping for your special dress, you may want to keep some of this season’s top trends in mind:

Open Backs – Most of these gowns are simple and modest in the front, but offer you a bit of sexiness in the back. The reason why we think that this particular style has become so popular is because it’s unexpected and draws everyone’s attention to the bride – even when she’s walking away.

A Little Bit of Color – We all know how popular colored wedding dresses have become, thanks to a number of A-list celebs like Jessica Biel. While that may sound great to some brides, not all of them want to go all out with a pink ball gown. That’s why we love this new trend of wedding gowns that offer just a hint of color, whether it be a tint of blue or a colored accessory.

Short Length – While most people tend to picture a full length, ballroom-type gown when they think of wedding dresses, those who prefer a shorter length can now rejoice in the fact that elegant, shorter length dresses are now very on-trend for brides. Just because you’re sacrificing a few feet of length does not mean that you need to sacrifice style or that bridal feeling!

For a look at some of these top bridal trends for Fall/Winter 2015 and others like them, click here. Then be sure to let us know what you think in the comments section below!

How to Cut Down Your Wedding Guest List

In a perfect world, you and your fiancé would be able to invite anyone and everyone that you’d want to your wedding. Unfortunately however, this isn’t in the cards for most couples – especially once you consider the astronomical cost. So what do you do when you both sit down to discuss it, and the number of people you want to invite far exceeds the number you’ve budgeted for? You get serious.

How to Cut Your Wedding Guest List | Texas Old Town

That’s exactly what Giuliana Rancic’s personal assistant, Sarah Knight had to do when the dream guest list for her and fiancé Bryce’s wedding totaled to 310 people. After buckling down and making some tough decisions however, they managed to cut their list by 100 people. How did they do it? Here’s Sarah’s advice:

Pick Your Venue First – Fall in love with the perfect place to say “I do” before anything else. Often times, wedding venues will have a maximum occupancy, which helps to give you a set parameter to work with for your guest list. For example, each wedding hall at Texas Old Town can accommodate a different number of guests. If you’re unwilling to let go of your dream venue, you’ll have to be prepared to make cuts where necessary.

Abide by the Two-Year Rule – If you haven’t seen or spoken to someone in over two years, cut them from the guest list. On a day that is so monumental for you and your fiancé, you only want to be surrounded by your closest friends and family members. Chances are that if it’s been that long, those people you cut won’t even expect to be invited, so no harm no foul.

Plus Ones – This is the part that sort of stinks, as nobody wants to be denied a plus one. However, when you take your already extensive guest list and add an extra person next to each name, things can quickly spiral out of control. Though many of your guests may not like it, you might need to consider limiting plus ones to those who are engaged or married only.

Putting together your wedding guest list can be very stressful, but don’t let it consume you! Give these tips a try and let us know if you have any to add in the comments section below!

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Signature Drink

More and more commonly, couples are choosing to offer a signature drink for guests to enjoy throughout the wedding reception. Regardless of whether it be one drink that symbolizes your relationship as a whole or the seemingly more popular option of creating one “groom’s cocktail” and one “bride’s cocktail,” it’s always fun to offer something personal at the bar. So once you decide that this is the route that you want to go, all you need to do is figure out the best form of execution.

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Signature Drink | Texas Old Town

Here are a few great tips from mixology expert, Ricki Quarterman on how to really get your signature wedding drink right:

Keep Color in Mind – While you should certainly consider your preferred liquors and flavors, also try to envision what you want the drink will look like when you have the final product. If you’re left with a dark brown-colored drink, chances are your guests won’t be enticed to try it. Lighter hues are always more appealing; so if you want to stick closely to your color scheme, choose the brightest shade from its palette.

Avoid Complexity – If your signature drink takes 15 steps to complete, no one is really going to wait around to have one drink made or stand in line waiting for someone else’s drink to be completed. Make it delicious but make it simple.

When in Doubt, Use Vodka – Everyone has a story about why they can’t drink a certain type of alcohol. However, most people have no trouble stomaching vodka – and since it’s a clear spirit, it goes along with our first point. Additionally, in terms of incorporating different flavors, vodka is one of the easiest liquors for bartenders to mix with.

So what do you think; will you be having a signature drink at your wedding? Have you thought about what it will be yet? Let us know in the comments section below!