Cool Down Your Summer Wedding

wedd_0934It’s wedding season and things are beginning to brew this summer! I am not talking about the butterflies at the pit of the bride or groom’s stomach. I am, however, referring to the scorching heat and powerful rays beating down on their special day.  Besides the risk of high heat, there are many perks to having an outdoor wedding such as spectacular scenery, fabulous flora and amazing natural aromas. For those brides with your heart set on a summer wedding, don’t let the heat stop you…simply beat it! It is important to relieve the wedding party and guests from any heat related stress in order to ensure those involved are comfortable and able to enjoy such a significant event.  Here are a few suggestions on how you can “beat the heat” and guarantee that your memorable day is all you have dreamed of and more.

1.    Fans for Favors

Have your names and wedding date engraved on hand held fans to offer your guests as wedding favors. Don’t want to spend the extra money, why not turn your ceremony programs into fans? There are many approaches you can take, have the “fan programs” neatly placed in chairs before the guests arrive, arrange them in an elegant basket near the guest signing book or have a member of the wedding party distribute them as they greet your guests at the entrance.

2.    Location, location, location

Location is a key factor when building a business or a home, but it is also an essential element to consider when planning a wedding. If choosing an outdoor location, select an area close to the water or in the shade. Choosing a site that is not in the direct sunlight or providing shade, such as a covered tent or pavilion, will help your attendees escape the high temperatures. Also, hosting a ceremony or reception at the beach or lakeside will cool down the heat with the sensational breeze coming off the water.

3.    Hints of Hydration

It is imperative that individuals stay hydrated during such hot summer days. It is highly advisable to have water and other cold beverages readily available for your wedding guests. Set-up a self-serve beverage station containing iced water, tea or lemonade at the venue entrance. As guests arrive to the ceremony, you can also offer personalized bottles of water as favors. Another idea is to serve fun summer cocktails with blended ice during the reception.

4.    Dress for the Occasion

With today’s trend, many brides and bridesmaids are wearing sleeveless or strapless dresses, unfortunately for our grooms and groomsmen that is not the case. Men’s attire for weddings is typically suits or long sleeved button down shirts – not ideal for the summer months. When selecting a dress for your wedding, consider a lightweight material that can breathe such as linen.

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