DIY Wedding Favours

Wedding favors are a thoughtful way to thank your guests for witnessing your marriage and celebrating your union, and designing your own unique favors is one easy way to infuse your special day with your personality. Instead of giving your guests a meaningless trinket that will only gather dust, get creative and make one of these budget-friendly favors that they will love.

Herbed Olive Oil

This practical and delicious wedding favor is easy to make, and easy for your guests to enjoy. Start by gathering your favorite fresh herbs like rosemary, thyme and oregano, then letting them dry completely. Add a few sprigs or leaves to a small glass bottle and pour in olive oil. Finish off with a cork and a personalized label. If you put the favors together about two weeks before the wedding, the herbs will infuse the oil with flavor.

Potted Plants

This wedding favor is perfect for eco-conscious couples who want to thank their guests in a green way. Many plants and herbs can be purchased in bulk for as little as one dollar each. Choose a flower that means something to you as a couple or an herb that you love to cook with. Decorate a small terra cotta pot with your wedding date, names or a special quotation. Add a recycled paper tag with care instructions so your guests can enjoy their favor for seasons to come.

Seed Bombs

An even less expensive alternative to potted plants, these seed bombs make a great environmentally-friendly favor that can remind your guests of your special day for years. To make the bombs, mix wildflower seeds with compost and a bit of clay or shredded paper. Roll the mixture into small balls, then wrap in recycled paper and tie with twine. Your guests can simply toss them into their garden and watch them grow.

Homemade Granola

Edible wedding favors are always a hit, and this one is easy to make at home a few days before the wedding. The following recipe yields 12 cups of sweet granola:

While the oven is heating to 350 degrees, toss 4 cups of rolled oats with 2 cups each of almonds and shredded coconut in a large bowl. In a small separate bowl, whisk ½ cup of honey with ¾ cup vegetable oil. Toss the liquids with the oat mixture until it is completely coated. Pour the mixture into a 13-inch sheet pan. Bake for about 45 minutes until the mixture is an even golden brown.

Allow the granola to cool, then add 1 ½ cups dried apricots and 1 cup each of dried cranberries, dried cherries and unsalted, roasted cashews. Fill small glass jars with one serving of granola for each of your guests.

Charitable Giving

Your wedding day is a great time to give back to your favorite cause. Notify your guests of your donation, made in their names, with a creative card or message. For instance, if you donated to Habitat for Humanity, tie a small tag announcing your donation to a measuring tape in your wedding colors.

Wedding Mix CD

Guests who danced the night away at your reception will especially love this favor. Fill blank CDs or a USB drive with your favorite wedding tunes, like the songs you played for your grand entrance, first dance or bouquet toss. Your guests will think of your celebration every time they press play.

Salt Dough Ornaments

This favor is particularly thoughtful around the holiday season but can be used any time of the year. Each salt dough ornament can be creatively designed using cookie cutters, stamps, paint or etchings. To make the ornaments, which can also double as tags or escort cards, mix 2 cups of flour with 1 cup of salt and add 1 cup of water. Mix thoroughly, then roll the dough out until it is ¼ inch thick. Cut out shapes with cookie cutters, then add a hole for a ribbon tie using a bamboo skewer. Use a rubber stamp to press a design into the dough before baking at 200 degrees for six hours.

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