Fire Safety Tips for Weddings

Planning a wedding is not only about the gown, venue and cake. It must consider the possibility of a fire and other safety factors that might result in injuries or tragedy at the joyous event. While the likelihood of a fire starting during the wedding is low, preparing beforehand will ensure the risks to guests and the happy couple is much lower.

Identify the Exits

Any public venue will have exit signs above the doors and should have several possible exits in case a fire occurs. When planning the wedding, identify all of the exits and ensure the ushers at the event are able to direct guests to the appropriate doors if a fire occurs.
Spend a little time working on finding the exits in the reception area and the location where the couple is taking their vows. By learning where the exits are located, the risk of guests getting harmed in a fire is much lower. The ushers can help guests move to the appropriate doors in care a fire occurs.

Obtain a Fire Extinguisher


While many venue locations and reception halls will have a fire extinguisher or several extinguishers available, the couple should also ensure the location of extinguishers is identified. If the venue does not have an extinguisher or if it is hard to reach, then it is important to obtain fire extinguishers and put them in easy reach.

Check All Electrical Cords

When planning the reception, setting up a mike for the vows or otherwise working with electrical devices, the wedding planner or the happy couple should check that the cords are not frayed or damaged in any way. Electrical fires are a possibility if the cords are damaged, but are unlikely when the cords look new and have no fraying. Checking the cords before the event for damage will minimize the risks.

Place Candles Carefully

The placement of candles during a wedding is a key part of preventing fires. Any open flame should have an appropriately sized wick to avoid a large flame and should not be placed near flammable materials. When selecting areas to place candles, ensure flammable items are at least three to four feet away from the candle. Candles should also be properly placed on an appropriate candle holder to prevent messes and the risk of the candle falling over.

Assign an Adult to Watch Children

Any wedding reception that has candles or other fire risks should detail an adult to keep an eye on children. When the children are running around, playing and enjoying the event, they might bump into tables or knock over candles on accident. Having an adult ready to act immediately or prevent children from getting too close to flames will prevent a tragedy or injury.

While the ideal wedding will not have any mishaps, preparing for the worst case scenario will ensure the risk of tragedy or severe injury is eliminated. The bride and groom should always take measures to ensure the wedding planner and other professionals engaged in the event are prepared for the possibility of a fire.
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