Five of the Wackiest Wedding Ceremonies Ever!

A wedding day is one of the most important and special days in a person’s life.

It has been said that girls have a vision of their perfect day from as early as the age of eight. Of course, the traditional wedding is not for everyone. Interfaith marriages in particular benefit from non-traditional services, but many people simply want to be different, which is why wacky wedding ceremonies are becoming so popular.


Paraphrasing Homer Simpson, is there anything doughnuts cannot do? In Oregon, USA, three doughnut shops provide the perfect venue for wacky weddings. Voodoo Doughnuts offers a whole range of packages, from the simple to the extravagant, to ensure that the happy couple stick together. Of the five packages available, four are completely legal and carried out by an ordained minister. Ceremonies are conducted underneath the Holy Doughnut. They are witnessed by a velvet painting of Kenny Rodgers, Isaac Hays or a weeping Conan, depending on which venue you choose. Other than the bride and groom, doughnuts take centre stage at the reception and can be personalised for the happy couple.

Zap, Pow, Boom!

What could be more fantastic for comic-book lovers than a superhero wedding? Sharon Wetherell and Neil Vaughan from Devon, England clearly thought there was nothing better as they decided to recite their vows while dressed as Wonder Woman and Batman. Friends and family joined in the fun, dressing up as the Incredible Hulk, Lara Croft and even the Joker.

A fairytale wedding

Meanwhile, a couple from Wales decided that nothing would be more romantic for their big day than a fairytale themed wedding. This was no traditional fairytale however; the happy couple dressed as everyone’s favourite ogres, Shrek and Princess Fiona. Having been fans of the film since going to see it on their first date, the couple decided to embrace the green body paint with gusto,  even going so far as to attach fake green ears to their heads.

Taking the plunge

For some adrenaline-junky couples, the act of getting married is not enough. Avid divers April Pignataro and Michael Curry went one step further than just walking down the aisle and walked straight into a shark tank instead. Exchanging vows from inside a specially reinforced cage, the couple were accompanied by their wedding guests, who safely watched the proceedings through the glass wall of the tank.

Vampires don’t only come out at night

You don’t have to be Edward and Bella to have the perfect vampire wedding. Jack Holsinger and Connie Spitznagel decided that a Halloween-themed wedding would be the ideal way to begin their married life together, so dressed as vampires. The bride wasn’t so much a “vision in white” than a “vision of fright”, however the groom didn’t seem to mind, enthusiastically ‘biting’ her on the neck when told by the minister he could “now kiss the bride”.

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