Holiday Weddings: Make Sure Yours Stands Out

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A holiday wedding can be charming and romantic, but it also faces the risk of blending into the dozens of other holiday happenings. Don’t let it. A sleigh-load of ideas can help your holiday wedding stand out from the daily holiday activities and festivities, making it a party that guests will remember for years to come.


Deck the halls with gold and black? Why not?! Your wedding can have any colors you choose, and those two make a smashing and unexpected holiday statement. The same goes for silver and blue, metallic reds mingled with pink, or an overall cozy green scheme that channels a warm winter forest. Winter white as your main color choice can be exceptionally eye-catching and you’ll already have the dress to match!

Picking the overall color scheme is your first order of business. Matching up creative holiday-inspired details is your second. Floral arrangements should definitely merge seamlessly into your overall hues. White flowers with ribbons that match your scheme always works if you’re having a tough time selecting bouquets to go with, say, your gold and black plan.

Flowers are nice, but…

You can part from the expected by going for holiday-inspired décor where flowers would typically be. Use small, artistic Christmas trees or Menorahs as centerpieces. Don’t forget the color-coordinated candles. Go for fresh evergreen wreaths or boughs, or stream color-coordinated snowflakes from the ceiling. Make a list of holiday décor that has always delighted you and find ways to incorporate similar pieces into your own wedding.


Your holiday wedding theme is on equal par with color when it comes to importance. For the most cohesive and wowing effect, all other event details should match. Recreating the feel of a location can work for a holiday wedding theme. Try a magical forest, a chic, modern city, or old-fashioned town.


Entertainment that matches the mood of your décor and gist of your theme is a perfect way to round out the event, truly making it a holiday wedding to remember. There’s nothing wrong with a mariachi band at your wedding if that’s what goes with the flow!

Likewise, you can hire a jazz band for your sultry city-inspired wedding, a folk band for your earthy, all-natural forest theme, or a barbershop quartet for your quaint old-town wedding. Just remember holiday songs can be way overdone, but holiday love songs may not be!

Once again you can depart from the traditional wedding fare by spicing up yourholiday catering with seasonal dishes that are a bit unexpected. Find a catering firm with a personality that matches your own and feed them your ideas. If you really want to go for broke, choose food items that match your holiday color scheme. While you may think you’d be hard-pressed to come up with foods that are gold and black, throw the idea out there and see what happens.

Frosting and desserts can often be made to match any colors. Pears and squash come in golden hues. And what about blackened chicken or seared catfish to round out the color scheme on the entrees? Matching the food to your theme can put another unexpected twist into the mix, with amusing ideas such as a Hansel and Gretel German bread selection to match your magical forest theme.

People will always remember the fun and unexpected details, so make sure to put a lot of it into your holiday wedding. Your wedding can become one of the fondest holiday memories for everyone who attends, especially for the bride and groom. After all, that’s what matters most!
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