Last Minute Wedding Planning? We’ve got you covered.

No matter the length of your engagement, the time leading up to your wedding is sure to be an unavoidably stressful one. Ensuring every detail is in place by the big day is crucial. But making sure all the details and factors come together harmoniously is a large task. At some point, it may seem easiest to throw your hands up and become a frantic “bridezilla”; but we know you’re better than that!

Pre-Last-Minute-Checklist Checklist:

1.) Take a breather.
2.) Go over our list we’ve compiled of the top last-minute details to check off once and for all.
3.) Let all the beautiful particulars of your wedding fall into place so you can finally…
4.) RELAX!

Last-Minute Checklist:

1.) Make sure everything is in order with your vendors.

  • Confirm arrangements, make sure they have exact directions to the location and be sure that each vendor has a phone number of a contact person in case of emergency.
  • Be sure that each vendor has been paid before the big day. As they receive your payment, have them sign off an acknowledgement of this. This will avoid any discrepancy on the big day.
  • If you plan on tipping the DJ, catering staff, etc. prepare tip envelopes beforehand. Bringing extra cash with you is always a smart idea in the event that someone has gone above and beyond your expectations.

2.) Ensure wedding items are in their designated spot days beforehand.

  • Appointing a trusted helper to transport items to the ceremony site is going to save you time and worry.
  • Contact your Texas wedding reception venue to see how far in advance you can set up. It is smart to have all wedding favors laid out, name cards laid out alphabetically in their place, toasting glasses and anything else that can sit tight a few days in advance. Fewer things to worry about in the days to follow!

3.) Remember your beloved guests!

  • In the event that you have some out-of-towners, it couldn’t hurt to leave them a little personalized gift and note in their hotel room. Letting them know you appreciate their travels will mean a lot!
  • Rides for the bridal party; if they all travel with you to the reception area, don’t leave them stranded! Ensure that there is a way for them to get back from the reception, too.

4.) Create a wedding day emergency kit.

  • This is going to pose as a possible lifesaver! As a kit full of crises averted you’ll want it to include anything and everything you feel like you may need at any given time: lip gloss, lipstick, hair pins, hairspray, face powder/concealer, stain remover, flat shoes, extra panty hose, tissues, an umbrella and any other odds and ends you feel necessary.
  • Develop a list of songs you absolutely must have the DJ play and give this to them ahead of time. Also bring an extra copy in your emergency kit in case it gets lost or ruined.
  • Eat something! Don’t forget to eat before the ceremony. You don’t want to risk feeling faint in addition to your pre-vow jitters. This is going to help settle you down and feel secure.

5.) Appoint a double-checker.

  • You have enough to worry about. If a trustworthy family member or friend is up to the challenge of ensuring all is in place, this is going to help you out a ton. This person can arrive to the ceremony venue and wedding reception venue early to double check on all the particulars.

6.) Schedule everything.

  • Create an itinerary to hand out at the rehearsal dinner.  This will put everyone on the same page and there will be no worries about someone missing for an important event.
      • The same goes for a photography schedule. Those who need to be in a certain place at a certain time should have this in black and white. This will allow the photography sessions to go as smoothly and efficiently as possible!

With these simple, yet vital precautionary actions, your wedding is sure to be a breeze. In the wonderful world of wedding planning, remember: organization is key. If you’ve booked your wedding reception at Texas Old Town don’t forget to take advantage of their wedding planning tools such as Texas Old Town’s seating planner and wedding checklist. For your convenience, Texas Old Town would love to help you out with recommended wedding vendors for all your needs! Happy planning!

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