Live Wedding and Reception Music

How adding a live music element can really enhance your Wedding Ceremony and Reception

The music a bride chooses for her wedding day is extremely important:  it sets the background or ”music wallpaper” for everything that takes place this day.  For something unique and elegant, the couple might consider a Harpist for the Ceremony and Cocktail Hour.  The benefits of this include: a gorgeous instrument adding an instant aesthetic appeal to the indoor or outdoor site, the energy & ambience provided by live music, and the ability to have Ceremony processionals perfectly timed, as opposed to the fade in & out of pre-recorded music.  Also, wedding guests are always impressed & amazed with the ability & wide variety of music played by an expert, professional Harpist.

I’ve provided music — Solo Harp & Ensembles — for thousands of weddings over the past 20 years and have found that the vast majority of today’s weddings follow this music outline:  the Ceremony combines Classical & Romantic Contemporary music, the Cocktail Hour is a mix of up tempo Contemporary & Standards, and the Dinner Reception music is covered by the DJ who follows the wedding couple’s playlist.

Even though I’m a classically trained Harpist, I absolutely love Contemporary music.  Guests always tell me they’re “blown away” or “amazed” by my music and it’s so much fun to hear people sing along when I play Coldplay, Train, Adele, Jason Mraz, or Christina Perri songs.  I’ve had so many brides tell me after their wedding day that what they received the most comments on from their guests was the Harpist music.

I truly believe that including live music on the wedding day — whether it’s a Harpist, String Ensemble, Classical Guitarist, Bagpiper, Brass Quintet — dramatically enhances the wedding day experience for the couple, their families and wedding guests!

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