Trends For This Summer’s Weddings

Wedd_0736Warm weather means that an onslaught of weddings is in full swing. Summer weddings are more casual than their fall and winter counterparts, especially if they are held outside. This makes choosing an outfit somewhat tricky. Weddings demand formal attire, but many outfits that would otherwise be suitable for weddings cannot be worn outside in hot or humid weather. Some easy tricks will make choosing an outfit less challenging.
Kate Middleton sparked a massive lace craze with her wedding dress last year, and the trend has thankfully lasted long enough to filter down into affordable brands. A dress with a simple silhouette automatically becomes fancy when a lace overlay is added to it. Many manufacturers are experimenting with romantic Victorian-style lace in bright modern colors. A knee-length dress made out of bold lace is perfect for an outdoor wedding. Black lace is too funereal for a celebration.
Chiffon is another major trend this summer. A lightweight, flowing dress would be ideal for a wedding. It may have a flounced collar or draped sleeves to accentuate the romantic effect of the fabric. Since chiffon is very thin, it tends to be unforgiving and does not provide any structure. Women who worry about their figures may not feel comfortable wearing chiffon in direct sunlight.

If the guest is absolutely sure that the wedding will be a casual affair, she may wear a retro dress with a polka dot pattern on it. Polka dots sprang back into fashion this past spring. Kitschy patterns work well on 1960s-style frocks. This sort of dress will flatter an hourglass or pear-shaped figure.

Unless one is very short, ballet flats are the best footwear choice for an outdoor event. They are soft and feminine without posing the risks that heels do in backyard terrain. Most inexpensive ballet flats are either black or ballet pink, so the dress should be chosen with this in mind. A pair of ballet flats is a great wardrobe asset, so all efforts should be made to find a comfortable pair that can be worn again.

If the wedding guest is not wearing a lace dress, she can still incorporate lace into her outfit by wearing lace tights. Lace tights do not provide solid coverage and are airier than regular tights are. Women who opt out of wearing tights or hose in very hot weather will most likely be forgiven.

Women should err on the side of being too light when applying their makeup. Products with powder bases will absorb sweat. The mineral makeups that have flooded the market in the past few years prevent faces from getting shiny and act as natural sunscreens.

A wedding is not the proper place to show off one’s grasp of high fashion, but that does not mean that all elements of style are unwelcome. In fact, weddings might be the perfect occasions to wear the feminine fabrics that are so popular right now.

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