Wedding Hiccups : The People Who Would Try To Dim Your Fairy Tale Wedding Day

Written by Michelle Lee, a wedding planner and consultant at Miramare Gardens

The wedding day is supposed to be the most special day for the bride and bridegroom and with good reason. It is the day the couple declare their love and commitment to each other and a lot of meticulous preparations go into the planning of this special day. That said, many people involved directly or indirectly may end up becoming the thorn in planning an otherwise picture perfect ceremony. Who would create such problems?

They include:

1. The future-in-laws

Some in-laws (mostly mothers) tend to want everything done their way and this may end up messing up the plans and preferences that the couple may have for their wedding day. Perhaps they want the decor to be done in a different that what the couple wants. That’s just one of the many areas that they may be having a differing opinion.
The solution to this would be to set the record straight in a polite manner. Make them understand what you are planning and why you want it as you do. This should always be done with the presence of your better half that way it sounds like it’s something that both of you have agreed on. They are likely to agree to your way of doing things if they feel like you are working as a team.

2. Service providers

Much as they are good at what they do, they may want to take over by giving and imposing their styles and ideas on your wedding day plans. Service providers are there to help a couple plan their big day. Want to know how to solve their hostile take over? Have a plan. If you do not have a plan you will opt for everything that is presented. Always know what you want or at least have a rough idea around which the service provider can offer their advice. When you know what you want as a couple it will make it that much more easier to pick what works for you and to leave out what does not.3. The picky bridesmaidsYou may find that members of your bridesmaids have problems with what you have chosen for them to wear come the big day. They may feel the style or color scheme you have chosen does not work for them or compliment their looks. When faced with such a situation, the best way to deal with it is to put into consideration their concerns. It is completely okay to have different styles and colors for the bridesmaids dresses. Not only does it make the wedding more colorful but it will also help you deal with the serious problem of a grumpy bridesmaid.

4. The cute little children

Yes these adorable little beings can be a nuisance at times and for this reason many couples send out their wedding invitations requesting that children do not attend. That may sometimes not auger well with invited guests. The way to deal with this problem is to keep an open mind so to speak. Young children are easily distracted by something fun and hiring a bouncing castle and setting it up within the venue will effectively help a couple deal with this setback.

5. The over – zealous helper

Truth be told, you will need help to make your wedding day a success. However, some people get carried away. Some of which you may know well and some of whom you may not know too well. If as a couple you find that you have to deal with such a person, it is best that you let them know that you appreciate their help and at the same time let them know that all the planning is going on well and is without any hitches.

Michelle Lee is a fashion journalist who specializes in writing wedding related texts. Being a wedding planner and consultant herself at Miramare Gardens, she has valuable insights in traditional wedding improvement techniques and the latest trends. She has written in many publications in print and online in which she offers her advice to happy couples.
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