3 Tips For Couples Who Prefer To Host A Child-Free Wedding

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3 Tips For Couples Who Prefer To Host A Child-Free Wedding

When it comes to creating a guest list, the bride and groom can obviously be the authorities on who should receive an invitation. One consideration you can make when forming plans is whether you should make your wedding a child-free affair. Limiting your wedding to adults can make more room on your guest list, and create a more carefree environment. With that said, you may want youngsters, particularly young relatives, there for your special day. The right planning can make either choice easier for you to incorporate into your overall plans.

1. Make Your Preference As Clear As Possible

If you choose to limit your guest list to adults, you should be as clear, and consistent, as possible when you make this known. This decision can impact the way you address your invitations. For instance, if you invite a couple, list their individuals names. Saying that the invite is addressed to their family can make it sound like everyone in the family, including kids, are being invited. Make sure people see in their RSVP card that, at most, their invitation is for them, and their date.

Even if the language is clear in your invitations, you will likely have guests who ask whether your event allows for kids. Be prepared to answer this more than once, and make sure your wedding party and family members know to convey this as well. While it can feel awkward to work "child-free" into your invitation, you can include it on your wedding website if you want to avoid any confusion.

2. Be Prepared To Have Guests Unable To Attend

In some cases, one parent may have to stay behind while the other attends your wedding. In other cases, it is possible for people to decline because they have no way to make sure their kids are taken care of. This can be disappointing, but you should hold firm - if you make an exception, others can be put off by your decision to allow someone's child to attend, but not theirs.

3. Help Your Guests Make The Most Of A Night Away From The Kids

Many couples can see a night away from the kids as an excuse to make the most of their evening. Guests at a child-free wedding can arrive with expectations of an open bar, and a busy dance floor. Having a stocked bar, and a DJ or wedding band ready to keep everyone in good spirits, can help you make someone's night out truly fun!

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