3 Tips To Help You Keep Your Wedding Reception On Track

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3 Tips To Help You Keep Your Wedding Reception On Track
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While some wedding reception events are more elaborate than others, you should have plans in place to keep the occasion on a schedule. Even a laid-back, intimate reception event needs some structural support if you want to enjoy every part of the evening that you have planned. Putting the right plans in place can help you ensure that there is time for the different activities and traditions you want to enjoy at your reception. Making sure the evening starts with minimal delays will be important, as you can quickly lose more time than you anticipate if you are not paying attention. You should also think about how the right vendors can help keep your wedding on track.

1. Look Into Hiring An Event Planner Or Coordinator

Having an event coordinator to help you before and during your event can ensure everything goes smoothly. They can serve as a line of communication between you and other vendors, check on different matters while you are preoccupied, and generally keep your event on track. The right person can also help make announcements so that guests know when certain traditions, like the bouquet toss or the cake cutting, are about to begin.

2. Have Someone In Charge Of Music Who Can Make Announcements

While an event coordinator can play an important role in managing your event, it can be hard for one person to grab the attention of all of your wedding guests without a microphone. With a DJ or live band hired to provide music, you will have someone with a sound system at the ready for any announcements that you need to make. Hiring professionals to play music can actually have several benefits that make the cost worthwhile. It may be easy to simply stream music from a device, but professional musicians can read the room and adjust their song selection to keep the night lively!

3. Watch Out For Delays At The Start Of Your Evening!

If there is a long delay at the beginning of your reception, you may find yourself rushing through different moments later in your reception! You can avoid early hold-ups by making sure your seating chart is easy to find and read, so there is little confusion as people begin to seat themselves. To shorten the time between your ceremony and reception, you can take first look photos before the ceremony begins.

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