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Austin Wedding Venues | Texas Old Town

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There are plenty of things to consider when planning your wedding. From the dress fitting to the seating arrangements, it will be quite hectic if not stressful. But if there is one thing we can do to make things less chaotic, it would be providing you with the perfect place to hold your wedding ceremony and wedding reception. If you would like to be more specific, Texas Old Town has four spots for you to choose from.


Why Wedding Venues Make a Difference

Choosing a location may be the most difficult among the many choices you’ll have to make for your wedding. A location can impact many things, such as the atmosphere of your outdoor wedding or the theme of your reception. With the right venue, you can make the day even more special and memorable for both you and your guests.

To Set The Theme

Every wedding has a theme, and your wedding venue can help set or enforce it. For example, if you want a fantasy-like setting for your wedding, one of our outdoor wedding locations will be perfect for you.

To Create Atmosphere

In addition to the theme, a good location will create, or at best enforce, the desired atmosphere for your wedding. If your chosen venue is large and open, everyone can feel all of the joy and love in the air.

To Entertain Guests

Having the right location will go a very long way to keep your guests happy and entertained. If your venue offers a choice of colors, the right decorations, and proper amenities, everyone will be happy.


Don’t Skimp on the Wedding Reception

Not only are our venues the perfect fit for your important day, but the prices are too. Every couple dreams to have their dream wedding at the place and time of their choosing - who are we to stop that? We believe that every couple should have the freedom to make their special day as memorable as possible. As a way to help you, our pricing is very straight to the point, with no hidden charges involved. In return for what you pay, you will enjoy excellent service as well as excellent wedding venues.


Find Your Indoor and Outdoor Wedding Venues Here

Texas Old Town offers you four distinct locations to host your wedding. Be it indoor or outdoor, you will use a part of our elegant and rustic space within our 55-acre hill country domain. For more information, contact us today.