Central Texas Event Venue | Texas Old Town

Let's make your dream celebration a reality. Create memories here at this beautifully appointed Central Texas event venue and enjoy with your loved ones.

Celebrate With Us!
Central Texas Event Venue | Texas Old Town

Unique and Authentic Rustic Elegance At Its Finest

What's your ideal party? How would you like to celebrate an event? However you want it, may it be intimate or with a crowd, Texas Old Town's Central Texas event venues can help you get through with it with flying colors. We have incredibly crafted venues that will surely capture your hearts. From the facade to the backdrop, everything is spectacularly breathtaking. Our Central Texas event venue perfectly embodies the unique characteristics of Texan culture - rustic yet elegant.

What's even more enticing about our Central Texas event venue is its location. Nestled on 55-acres of vast greens and rolling hills with babbling streams completes its overall feel. After all of the stressful planning, enjoy the reward of nature wherever you set your eyes.

Make It Your Own

Our Texas Old Town Central Texas event venues may look expensive because everything is well-appointed and tastefully designed, but beyond that perception is the reality that we offer the most reasonable and affordable packages to suit your preferences. We have conceptualized packages that we believe are perfect for any event, and to make it better, they are all customizable. Tell us how you want your event to be celebrated and we'll help you work it out. Here at Texas Old Town, a Central Texas event venue, our mission is to see you beam with pride and joy as you spend your important moments with your loved ones. We want you to feel at home and enjoy every detail of your event courtesy of our Central Texas event venue.

We Make It Happen Here at This Central Texas Event Venue

We have amenities that match any occasion. Whether it's indoors or outdoors, you will definitely love how we make your Central Texas event venue extra special. We have partnered with the industry's best organizers, planners, and vendors to achieve the dream celebration you all deserve. Tell us how and what you want, from the theme to the decorations, we'll make it happen. Your smiles fuel us to make our jobs better at making milestones and achievements worth celebrating. Celebrate With Us!