Creating A Memorable Dinner During Your Wedding Reception

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Creating A Memorable Dinner During Your Wedding Reception

After your wedding ceremony concludes, you and your guests can gather together to have a wonderful wedding reception experience. Our different wedding venues provide different space and size options for couples to welcome their guests for an evening with drinks, dancing, and dinner. If you want to create a memorable evening for everyone in attendance, you should be prepared to put serious thought into the dinner you serve. Our venue has caterers we can recommend, but we are also open to outside companies taking on the task of creating a great meal for your event. Picking the right food certainly matters, but it is just one of many factors that can affect the success of your overall experience for your guests.

The Look And Layout Of Your Tables Can Be Important To The Success Of Your Reception Dinner

While you are thinking about your wedding reception, remember that the look of your tables and your seating chart can both effect the success of your event. Make sure you start to think about your seating chart with plenty of time to weigh your options and re-evaluate the placement of everyone. You should be careful not to strand single people in areas where they know no one, and you obviously want to keep people with uncomfortable relationships apart. If you welcome entire families at your wedding event, keeping kids near each other can help these young guests have more fun.

Selecting Meal Options That Suit The Formality Of Your Event

While is no single "correct" wedding meal, you should think about how your food options fit with the atmosphere of your event. In other words, if you have a laid-back, intimate wedding affair, consider hosting a more familiar or fun dinner option. If you want to host a traditional wedding event, consider arranging plated meals with finer dining options.

The time of your day is also worth thinking about for your reception meal, particularly if you are interested in hosting an event earlier in the day. For some couples, a Sunday wedding in the daytime can make brunch options not only acceptable, but quite popular with everyone in attendance.

Think About How You Serve Your Guests

The choice regarding how you serve your guests can be important, particularly if you have a larger guest count. While buffet dinners have become popular, if you have a large selection of options and more guests, the time it takes for your dinner to officially begin can be negatively affected. If you want to do something other than a buffet, but do not feel comfortable choosing plated meals, consider offering family-style food options. This will provide guests with table-sized portions of food to share. In addition to being a fun and informal way to quickly serve people, this can become a good way to open people up to interacting with table mates they do not know.

Texas Old Town Can Offer A Wonderful Space For Your Reception!

Texas Old Town can be a wonderful space for a wedding ceremony and reception! Our Texas Hill Country settings and generous amenities can help you enjoy a beautiful, successful celebration. To set up a tour of our event venue in Kyle, TX, call our office today at 512-396-1800 or complete our online contact form.