Creatively Inviting People To Join Your Wedding Party

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Creatively Inviting People To Join Your Wedding Party

Asking someone to join your wedding party means asking them to play a central role in one of the most significant days of your life. Welcoming people to this position is about more than just telling the people close to you how important they are, as wedding party members can have important responsibilities leading up to your celebration. So how do you ask someone to take on such a meaningful role for your wedding? Once they have their bridesmaids and maid or matron of honor selected, some brides-to-be can set up a special gathering, or make their requests in gift form. While you do not have to plan something elaborate, a special gesture can be a great way to officially welcome someone to your wedding!

Deciding Who You Want With You At The Altar

Your approach to asking people to join your wedding party can be impacted by the number of people you want standing with you, and who you want standing with you. If several of your prospective bridesmaids are not close to you, a gathering to invite everyone can be difficult to pull off. If you have a larger wedding party, gift-based invitations can become pricey. Ultimately, having your wedding party members selected can make it easier to consider what approach might go over best with them.

Should I Turn My Bridesmaid Proposals Into A Special Event?

A special gathering to invite people to be in your wedding party can be a fun pre-wedding event, particularly if most or all of the people you want to include live reasonably close to you. Some couples actually turn their engagement party into an opportunity to formally invite everyone to be a part of their wedding. With that said, you can also do something informal, like a brunch or lunch, to hand out invitations.

If you are concerned about finding time to bring everyone together, or if you feel self-conscious about having to leave someone out because they live too far away, personal invitations can be just as meaningful as a gathering. Brides sometimes include small gifts as a thank-you for saying yes, but this is not always necessary.

Asking Someone To Be Your Maid Or Matron Of Honor

Your maid or matron of honor will obviously be someone you have a close bond with, and will likely be one of the first people to hear news of your engagement. If you do not want to wait to come up with a formal request, you can certainly ask this person to take on this role for you as soon as you wish! With that said, a gesture of thanks or formal invite can still be meaningful, even if the request itself is not a surprise.

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