Filling Your Reception With The Right Music

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Filling Your Reception With The Right Music

Like so many great parties, your wedding reception can feature tasty food, refreshing drinks, and guests who are eager to hit the dance floor. Of course, dancing at a reception will be about more than just encouraging everyone to have fun - you are expected to share a first dance with your partner, and each of you can share a special dance with a parent. One key to a successful evening will be to have the right music choices. This will obviously be crucial for dancing, but even guests who stay off the dance floor can appreciate the right tunes. If you are looking for someone to serve as your DJ, or if you want to find a live band for your wedding reception, we can provide recommendations on our Preferred Vendors List!

The Benefits Of Paying For Professional Music Services

You may have a hard time thinking of a person in your life WITHOUT some kind of access to a streaming music service on their phone. Because it is so easy for people to access a wealth of music, and even to arrange a playlist long enough to last the duration of your reception, you may come to regret choosing to forgo professional music services. Having a DJ or live band on hand can make your event feel more special, and it keeps someone in charge who can gauge the energy of your reception in a given moment, and provide the right song choices to sustain everyone's spirits.

Picking Songs For Important Moments

Certain moments during your reception should feature music choices that you and your partner carefully select. One of the most important songs you choose will be the one you play during your first dance. For this choice, you can set aside concerns about your guests, and focus on the right piece for the two of you. You should also take time to pick meaningful songs for the dances you host with your parents.

One thing you should take time to think about is what song you want played when the dance floor is officially open to all of your guests. Try to select something upbeat, and as recognizable as possible. If you choose something current, keep in mind that you may be pleasing your younger guests at the expense of older ones. The right classic piece can appeal to just about everyone.

Playing Music Before Your Reception Begins

Should you plan to host music before your reception begins? If you want to have your DJ or live band playing before people take their seats, this may be an extra cost to negotiate. To cut down on the waiting period between your ceremony and reception, you can take first look photos before your event starts. By reducing this period, you can avoid the need for planned entertainment before the reception.

Host A Wonderful Wedding Ceremony And Reception At Texas Old Town!

Your guests can dance, chat, eat, drink, and generally be merry during your reception at Texas Old Town! We are proud to provide a great venue space for wedding ceremonies and receptions in gorgeous Texas Hill Country. To schedule a tour of our venue in Kyle, TX, call our office today at 512-396-1800 or complete our online contact form.