How Do I Choose Between Artificial And Real Flowers?

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How Do I Choose Between Artificial And Real Flowers?

While you may feel that real flowers are the only kind that are appropriate for wedding decorations, you may be surprised at the benefits of selecting artificial flowers for at least some of your pieces. If you plan to create DIY wedding decorations, artificial flowers can make the process easier simply because you do not have to worry about a short lifespan. You can also be happy with the variety of flowers available to you, as the season of your event can affect what is currently in bloom. As with many aspects of wedding planning, a compromise can be beneficial. While you may want authentic flowers for certain important pieces, you can find that inserting fake flowers into some decorations has irresistible upsides.

Artificial Flowers Can Provide Surprising Advantages

In addition to being cheaper, fake flowers can offer some benefits that are hard to pass up, particularly if you plan to do any DIY decorating. Those benefits include:

  • No concerns about your flowers wilting or dying before the event
  • Fewer issues with transportation and maintenance
  • More variety in colors in types, as there are no questions of what is in season
  • Greater durability

With these advantages in mind, you can see why you should at least consider their inclusion in your decorations!

Guests Can Expect To See Real Flowers In Your Decorations

While they do offer some advantages, artificial flowers can feel out of place at certain events. If you are planning a more formal or traditional wedding experience, they can feel like a jarring or uncomfortable presence. Generally speaking, the pieces that guests are close to, like your bouquets, boutonnieres, and corsages, should be authentic.

Choosing A Combination Of Real And Artificial Flowers For Your Wedding

You do not have to feel as though you can only choose real or fake flowers. As you work out the details of your decorations, you may find that one works in certain pieces while the other works in different circumstances. If you have a larger piece planned for your wedding altar, or if you are creating decorations yourself, you may want to consider some artificial flowers. From a distance, they can expertly imitate real flowers, and they provide more time for you to work with them. However, for centerpieces, corsages, and other pieces that guests will have a better look at, your real flowers can add to the formality of your wedding.

Texas Old Town Can Provide You A Lovely Setting For Your Wedding

Your wedding flowers can add pops of color and a sense of elegance to your wedding celebration. To further create your ideal wedding atmosphere, you can check out the lovely Texas Hill Country surroundings at Texas Hill Country! We provide gorgeous outdoor settings, as well as lovely indoor spaces for receptions. To find out more about our Kyle, TX event venue, please complete our online form or call us at 512.396.1800!