How Table Centerpieces Showcase Your Style At The Reception

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How Table Centerpieces Showcase Your Style At The Reception

Once you establish a wedding theme, you can start looking for decorative pieces that contribute to the mood and level of formality you want for your special day. While every decorative touch matters, a few choices will inevitably attract more attention than others. One decorative piece that is particularly important if the wedding centerpieces you place on tables at your reception. Because this item appears at every table, and because it is something that every guest will have a close view of, it is important to choose a design that really fits what you want from your overall wedding look. Make sure that your wedding colors are featured in your centerpieces, and that they strike the right tone for your event. One thing to avoid is making them too large, as their size can make it difficult for people to interact at tables.

What To Consider When Designing Your Centerpieces

There are several matters to think about when you are deciding on the right centerpieces. If you are looking to host a wedding with a rustic or vintage aesthetic, it can be a good idea to look for repurposed items that can be worked into your design. However, if you want to go with something more formal, these items can clash with your overall event tone.

While the idea of creating a larger or more elaborate centerpiece can be exciting, it does create a few potential challenges. Unless your wedding guest list is limited, you will have to produce and place many centerpieces, which can eat into your budget. You may also find that guests have to awkwardly look around the centerpiece at their table in order to talk with people who they have been sat with.

Use Your Centerpieces To Include Your Wedding Colors In Your Reception

Your wedding colors should be featured throughout your event, but it can be particularly important to feature them in your centerpieces. One easy way to do this is to select flowers that feature the colors you wish to showcase. The inclusion of your colors in your wedding centerpieces will allow you to disperse them throughout the seating area, which aids in their ability to unite the overall look of your room.

Should Your Table Feature A Different Centerpiece?

If you plan to sit yourself and your partner at your own sweetheart table, a more elaborate centerpiece can be a good addition to your reception. While this centerpiece can be larger, be careful not to let it overwhelm you if the table you sit at is going to be smaller. You are not obligated to use a different centerpiece, of course, but one that stands apart can help to draw more eyes to where you and your partner will be.

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