How To Communicate With Guests Using Online Tools

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How To Communicate With Guests Using Online Tools

Throughout your engagement period, you can field questions from guests and wedding party members. Fortunately, you can address some of the most common questions and concerns in advance by setting up a wedding website. The website you create lets you share more than you can fit into your invitations or save-the-date cards. Because your wedding party members can have different subjects to discuss, you can find that setting up online communication for groomsmen and bridesmaids will also be beneficial. The convenience of relying solely on electronic communication can make it tempting, but remember that you may have guests who prefer offline contact. Invitations and other forms of correspondence can also feel less formal if you choose not to use physical cards.

You Can Use More Than Your Wedding Website To Communicate With Guests Online

While the wedding website can give you a convenient space to share information about your special day, it is not the only tool available to you. If you intend to host a more casual wedding, you can consider the use of electronic invitations for your wedding. You can also use social media or group chats to stay in regular touch with your wedding party members.

Remember that your use of online tools can continue into the wedding day itself. Many couples create a special hashtag that they ask guests to use if they upload any photos to their own social media accounts. With that hashtag, you can quickly and easily seek out great images that people took during your ceremony and reception, and enjoy them in addition to photos taken by your wedding photographer.

Should We Send Save-The-Dates Or Invitations Electronically?

While electronically sending save-the-dates and invitations can be convenient and less costly, it may be difficult to convey the idea that you intend to host a formal event. If you plan on creating a more traditional or high-end experience, you can be better served sticking with cards that you mail to people's physical addresses. For a less formal event, you can also consider a compromise and send save-the-dates electronically, but send physical invitations.

Some Guests May Prefer Offline Communication

Some of your guests, such as your older relatives, may prefer that you keep lines of offline communication open. This does not mean that you have to drop plans to set up a website to share information! What you should count on are some guests to have questions that could have been answered online. Even if you remain busy during your time planning your special day, you should expect to carve out time to answer these inquiries. To help, you can ask close family members and wedding party members to aid in communicating when guests have questions.

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