Is A Daytime Wedding Something You Should Consider?

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Is A Daytime Wedding Something You Should Consider?
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While people commonly plan to host a wedding during the evening, you can find that a daytime wedding inspires creative choices, and provides surprising advantages. Of course, one benefit to your daytime wedding at one of our outdoor ceremony spaces is that you have ample light for everyone to enjoy the surrounding beauty of Texas Hill Country. You can also create a fun, relaxed atmosphere where you, your partner, and the people in your lives can celebrate your love. A daytime wedding is one of several scenarios where you can select a nontraditional wedding time and enjoy unexpected benefits.

Making Plans For Your Daytime Wedding

In many ways, your daytime wedding can feature the kind of look, and traditions, you would expect from an evening wedding. With that said, you can find yourself making some important changes to fit your event. Obviously, the time you have to prepare yourselves for your walk down the aisle will be shortened. You can use your earlier start time to introduce fun features that make your wedding stand apart from normal celebrations. For instance, you can offer a brunch-inspired reception meal, and surprise your guests with tasty breakfast items. You can still provide drinks, music, and dancing (including your first dance), but you may prefer breezier, jazzier music selections instead of the music you might hear at an evening event.

Should I Give Myself Something For My Guests To Do In The Evening?

Should you be concerned with your guests' evening plans? Once your event ends, you should not feel obligated to entertain your guests, especially since you and your partner can be excited to have some alone time after your big day. With that said, you may want to help guests visiting from out of town find fun evening activities. You can offer up recommendations for entertainment, and dining choices, to help them make more of their visit.

Nontraditional Wedding Dates And Times Can Have Surprising Benefits

When you move away from the traditional Saturday evening wedding, you can enjoy some unexpected benefits that make planning easier. You can find vendors willing to provide their services for less when you hire them at a less busy period. This can also make it easier to secure wedding vendors who tend to enjoy high demand. The time of day, or time of year, can inspire your decorating choices, your wedding colors, and what you serve, meaning you can more easily create a wedding event that is unlike what your guests have experienced before!

Set Up A Wonderful Daytime Wedding At Texas Old Town!

Texas Old Town offers beautiful venue spaces for your wedding ceremony and reception. You can plan a wonderful event at our premiere Austin wedding venue at any time of year, and celebrate your love in style! To plan your tour of our event venue in Kyle, TX, call our office today at 512-396-1800 or complete our online contact form.