Making Sure Your Wedding Guests Have All The Info They Need

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Making Sure Your Wedding Guests Have All The Info They Need

Some information is just too important to leave out of your wedding invitations. For obvious reasons, you want to make the date, time, and address of your wedding as clear as possible when you have your invitations created. You can also include some idea of what guests should wear, and a card for sending their RSVP. Of course, there will be other details you may want guests to know. What can you do to make sure they are clear on important wedding-related matters? With a wedding website, and some effective lines of communication, you can make sure your guests have all of the information they might need.

You May Have More To Say Than You Can Fit Into Your Invitations

There are some details that are better left out of your invitations. One example is information regarding your wedding registry. While you certainly want this information to be known, adding it to your event invite can be ill-advised. For something like this, or details guests should be aware of, you should look for another method for communicating.

Setting Up A Wedding Website Can Be Convenient For (Some Of) Your Guests

For many of your guests, your wedding website will be a reliable source of information about your special day. You can include extra information, and links, concerning your wedding registry. While you can put something simple in your invite cards, like "black tie preferred," to indicate what people should wear, you can use your wedding website to supply more details. This online space is also great for giving people more details about your relationship with your partner, and your plans post-wedding.

One thing to keep in mind is that you can have some guests, like your older relatives, who are less comfortable with online communication and information. Be prepared to answer questions for them that may be available on your website. This is also the reason that only using online RSVP tools can create more trouble.

Make Sure Close Friends And Family Members Are As Informed As Possible

Obviously, your wedding guests are people who know you in some meaningful way, so they can feel comfortable reaching out to you if they have questions. Of course, if too many people are trying to contact you, it can add more responsibility to your wedding planning efforts. Make sure the members of your wedding party, and your close family members, have as much information as you can give them. With that information available, they can help field questions from others before they reach you!

Your Wedding Guests Can Have A Great Time At Your Texas Old Town Wedding

You can invite your guests to a truly stunning wedding at Texas Old Town! Our Texas Hill Country setting, and generous amenities, can help you celebrate a truly special event! To schedule a tour of our event venue in Kyle, TX, call our office today at 512-396-1800 orcomplete our online contact form.