Making The Right Style Choices For Your Hair And Makeup

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Making The Right Style Choices For Your Hair And Makeup

Selecting your hairstyle and makeup preferences will play a big part in determining your ultimate wedding look. While your wedding gown will certainly be the most identifiable aspect of your appearance, these style decisions matter. To make sure they look their best, brides will commonly arrange for professional hair and makeup services, and enjoy a professional styling before their big walk down the aisle. If you are struggling to think of how you might like to wear your hair, or what your makeup choices should be, your stylist (or stylists) can help you make decisions during your trial session.

What Kind Of Style Choices Should You Consider?

There are a few sources of inspiration you should look to when it comes to choosing how to wear your hair and makeup.

  • Consider your dress: The type of dress you wear should affect your choice for hair and makeup. If you want to maintain an elegant style, modest style touches can be better for you. If you want everyone to have the best possible look at your gown, wearing your hair up can be recommended.
  • Take formality into account: If you plan to host a black tie gathering, you should make sure your hair and makeup are appropriate. If you want to host a more rustic DIY wedding, subtler style touches can work for you.
  • Think about what works best for you: If you want to look your best on your wedding day, think about makeup colors that work best with your skin, and be mindful of how your hair thickness and length might make certain styles easier or more difficult to execute well. While professionals can do some impressive things when they style you, asking them to work against your natural features may lead to less exciting results.

Taking Advantage Of Your Hair And Makeup Trial Sessions

Are you still struggling to think of how you want your hair and makeup to look when your trial session is fast approaching? Talk to your stylist or stylists about what you are considering, and take their feedback into account. You may want to approach the trial with two or three ideas for your wedding look, in case something you envision for yourself ultimately seems underwhelming. With that said, remember that you only have so much time for the trial - asking for too many choices can be a problem.

Making Sure Everyone Looks Their Best As They Walk Down The Aisle

Professional hair and makeup services can help you, your bridesmaids, and female family members look their best for the walk down the aisle. Keep everyone informed about when they are scheduled to have their hair and makeup done, and make sure they know if they need to do any advanced preparation to make styling easier.

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