Providing A Great Reception Dining Experience For Guests

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Providing A Great Reception Dining Experience For Guests

A successful wedding reception can depend on many factors, but it is hard to overstate the importance of planning out your meal for your guests. To provide a memorable dining experience, think beyond the food itself and consider what you should do to serve everything, and how you should decorate your dining spaces. Texas Old Town offers different venue settings, so you can choose a reception area that provides ample space as well as the right atmosphere for your event. As you make plans, remember that dinner is not the only time you will serve people during your reception. To make the most of your evening, you should also put serious thought into your beverage options, and what you provide for your dessert!

Think About The Look You Want For Your Reception Tables

The decorations you provide for your reception tables should showcase your wedding colors. They can be featured via your tablecloths and napkins, but they should also be prominent in your centerpieces. The care you take to make your dining spaces look their best will help strike the right tone for your overall event. You can put out decorations with a lowkey charm for a less formal event, or use more high-end items to put everyone in the mood for an elegant evening. No matter what you choose, make sure you do not ignore practical concerns. One mistake to avoid is creating centerpieces that are too large. Their size can make them difficult to move, and they may be an obstacle for conversations at tables.

Choosing What To Serve Your Guests

There are many vendors with experience catering weddings like yours. When you meet with them, you can discuss the benefits of limiting your dining options, or creating more variety for everyone. Having some flexibility in your menu can be helpful if you plan on encouraging guests to bring their children, as kids tend to be picky eaters.

If you want to do something unexpected, you may want to talk to a beloved restaurant to see what their catering options are. You can be surprised at how many dining establishments are prepared to cater private events, and you can provide meals that excite and surprise guests!

Take Time To Think About Drinks And Desserts, Too!

The dinner itself is important, but there will be other opportunities for you to serve your guests at your wedding. You can also provide refreshments in the form of bar service - when you think about what to offer, you should think about what drinks might pair well with your food choices. While guests have come to expect wedding cake, and may even anticipate the inclusion of a groom's cake, you can surprise people with an array of additional options at your dessert table.

Bring Guests Together For A Great Wedding Experience At Texas Old Town

After your beautiful outdoor wedding ceremony, you can bring your guests together for a lovely reception event at Texas Old Town. We are proud to provide generous amenities in addition to accommodating surroundings for weddings! To learn more about us, call our Kyle, TX venue at 512.396.1800 or complete our online contact form.