Smart Style Tips To Help You Plan Your Bridesmaids' Looks

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Smart Style Tips To Help You Plan Your Bridesmaids' Looks

You can greatly appreciate having your bridesmaids at your side during your wedding ceremony. You can also appreciate all of the support they provide you throughout the process of planning your special day. Of course, you have something important that you do for them - you have to make important style decisions for the people who support you during your wedding. It can be difficult to select one look that suits all of the people who are close to you. With that said, you can narrow down your choices when you think about how their look might fit in with your overall wedding esthetic.

Picking The Right Bridesmaid Dress For Your Group

Is it really possible to find one type of dress that each one of your bridesmaids will love? This can feel understandably daunting, especially if the people in your life vary in height and shape. Trying to please everyone can slow down your planning efforts, and create stress. Taking input from your bridesmaids about their potential dresses can also be difficult. Look for a dress that fits the formality of your event, matches or complements your wedding colors, and has an overall appearance that makes you happy.

Your bridesmaids should understand that the choice of dress is yours to make, and that they might be less than crazy about what you select. If you want to provide a compromise, some brides will give guidelines about a dress designer and color, and let people vary their necklines, or dress lengths. This can work for an informal wedding, but you may be unhappy with how this looks if your event is more formal.

How Uniform Should My Bridesmaids Be When It Comes To Hair And Makeup?

You do not have to select distinct hair and makeup styles for your bridesmaids, but you can certainly express your preference. You can also provide them access to hair and makeup services on the day itself. If the expense of hair and makeup are being taken on by your bridesmaids, they should have the option to decline the service, and style themselves.

Your Bridesmaids Offer Important Support Before, And During, Your Wedding Day

Your bridesmaids will literally be at your side when you stand at the altar. In another sense, they will be by your side during your wedding planning process. In addition to picking people you feel close to, you should select bridesmaids you can count on to attend pre-wedding events, and help you deal with those especially stressful wedding planning moments.

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