Successfully Planning A Larger Wedding Event

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Successfully Planning A Larger Wedding Event

When you say "I do," you want as many people in your life to be there to hear it as possible. A larger wedding can be more lively, and your expanded guest list can help you avoid the awkward situation of having to leave certain people uninvited. Texas Old Town can provide you with venue spaces that accommodate larger guest turnouts, so you can give people more than enough room to enjoy themselves on your special day. We can also provide help in planning a larger event with our All-Inclusive Wedding Package, which lets you dictate your desires, and see everything in place when you arrive on the day itself!

The Benefits Of Welcoming More People To Your Wedding

While a small wedding gathering can be great fun, it is hard to deny how a larger turnout can seem to increase the volume of everyone's good time! One of the biggest benefits to a bigger wedding event is how you can feel free to be more welcoming to the people in your life. You are less likely to find yourself leaving certain people off your guest list, and you can more comfortably give out plus-ones to single attendees. A bigger event will also make it easier to welcome entire families, as you will not have to worry about making room for the kids.

What To Expect While Planning A Larger Wedding

While you might be excited to see so many friendly faces in the crowd during your ceremony and reception, you may be intimidated by the work that goes into planning the event. It is hard to avoid the reality that a bigger guest list can lead to more expenses. After all, these additional people can make it necessary to pay more to your caterer, and require a larger stock of beverages for your bar. Make sure you have a close approximation of how many people you expect to be at your event when arranging these services.

In addition to making large weddings easier with our larger venue spaces, we can also give you more time to welcome people. Our standard amenities allow guests sixteen hours of access to their designated space. Because of this, you have plenty of time to set up everything, and you can give your guests more time to arrive and find their seats, so you are not frustrated by an awkward delay because of too many late arrivals.

Make The Planning Process Easier With An All-Inclusive Wedding Package

Are you feeling overwhelmed by your to-do list for your wedding? An All-Inclusive Wedding Package can make it easier for you to ensure everything is ready to go on the day itself, without sacrificing your vision for your special day. You can give us your preferences for your wedding look and experience, and we find the right vendors to make it happen! You can arrive on the day itself with everything ready, and just the way you want it!

Texas Old Town Can Give You The Space To Host A Larger Wedding Event!

You can enjoy a wonderful larger wedding experience at Texas Old Town! To learn more about our Kyle, TX venue, or to schedule a tour, call our office today at 512-396-1800 or complete our online contact form.