Taking Photos With Your Partner, Family, And Wedding Party

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Taking Photos With Your Partner, Family, And Wedding Party
Photography By Bellagala

You will have many opportunities to have your picture taken during your wedding. With a professional photographer on hand, you can look forward to an impressive collection of images that feature you and your partner, your wedding party members, and your many guests. While the spontaneous pictures taken throughout your wedding day can be terrific reminders of your special day, you can also cherish the posed pictures that you take. Couples will typically pose for pictures together, and they will have group photos done with family members and wedding party members. In addition to offering up lovely outdoor settings for ceremonies and pictures on your wedding day, Texas Old Town allows couples to request times to pose for engagement photos and bridal portraits.

Posing For Pictures With Your Partner

To save time between the ceremony and reception, you may want to consider having your pictures taken with your partner before the ceremony begins. These pictures, known as first look photos, take care to capture the reaction to the bride upon the reveal of her gown. If you prefer to save that moment for the ceremony, so the reveal of the gown takes place before your guests, make plans for a cocktail hour before the reception. Offering snacks and refreshments during your photos can make your guests happy, and make them more comfortable waiting for your event to continue.

Arranging Staged Group Photos Between The Ceremony And Reception

Even if you take first look photos, you will have many other pictures to take after your ceremony. You and your partner will pose with your family members, and your photographer can capture plenty of pictures with the happy couple surrounded by their wedding party members. While family pictures tend to be more conservative, you can try different fun poses with the bridesmaids and groomsmen. With that said, there is no reason you should feel that you are not allowed to take a few silly shots with family!

Selecting The Right Spot For Bridal Portraits And Engagement Photos

Many couples express interest in having their engagement photos or bridal portraits done at our location. It is possible for you to reserve time to have photos taken with our Texas Hill Country surroundings as your backdrop. This can give you a beautiful space to capture your love, and create consistency between your photos taken before and during your wedding!

Texas Old Town Can Provide The Right Locations And Amenities For Your Wedding

Texas Old Town is proud to provide a stunning Texas Hill Country setting for couples who want to enjoy a premiere Austin wedding experience. In addition to beautiful surroundings, you can enjoy amenities that make planning and enjoying your event easier! You can find out more about our Kyle, TX venue by filling out our online form, or by calling us at 512.396.1800!