Things You Should Know Before Sending Your Wedding Invites

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Things You Should Know Before Sending Your Wedding Invites

There will be many matters you need to address before you should send out your wedding invitations. In addition to figuring out who you want in attendance, and securing your date and location, you will want to think about matters like your wedding theme, and the colors you want to feature with your decorations. Fortunately, you can take more time than you might realize to create your invitations - in fact, sending them out too soon can lead to problems with people forgetting to RSVP, or forgetting to reserve that date on their calendar. If you want to make sure people have plenty of advance notice, one thing you can do is create save-the-dates, which feature less information and simply alert people to when and approximately where your event will occur.

How Long Do I Have Before We Need To Send Our Invitations?

You should try to solidify your event list early in the planning process. This gives you a number of guests to expect, and helps you create a workable budget for your special day. With that said, you can wait to send out your formal invitations until your wedding is just six or eight weeks away. You want to give yourself enough time to make sure everyone's invite arrives with plenty of time for them to make sure they can be there, and time enough to respond.

What Should You Include On The Invites?

Your invitations should state event details clearly, and address little else. Your event date and time need to be visible and easy-to-read, so be careful when choosing an elaborate font or excessive background details. You can also briefly mention the preferred dress code for your event.

There are certain details that are better left off of your invitations. One topic to skip is the event registry. Its inclusion can feel out of place, and may even seem inappropriate to some guests. You can share this information on your wedding website, or ask family members to communicate your preference for a registry.

The Difference Between An Invitation And A Save-The-Date

While people recognize that invitations and save-the-dates serve different purposes, they can be unclear on what the distinction between one and the other actually is. Your save-the-date really is just a request for people to set aside the date of your wedding on their calendar. You can send these cards out when other wedding details, including the event address and time, are not yet set (though you should be confident about your date at this point). If you have a shorter engagement period, you may have no need to do this, as your invitations will be sent relatively early in your planning period. One thing to remember is that someone who receives a save-the-date is effectively being invited, so make sure you only send them to people who will be receiving invitations, and not just people you are thinking of inviting.

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