Tips For Avoiding Stress During Wedding Day Preparations

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Tips For Avoiding Stress During Wedding Day Preparations

While you can expect to stay busy throughout your engagement period, few days will be as packed with activity as the wedding day itself! Our amenities can make matters easier for couples, as we offer extended venue access on the day of your event, and we also have suites for the bridal party and the groom's party to use. Even with these helpful resources, you should make arrangements with your wedding party to ensure everyone is prepared to walk the aisle at the right time. With some advance planning, you can do more than just make preparations efficient - you can also make them a fun part of the day!

Make The Most Of Your Early Venue Access

Because guests have sixteen hours of venue access on the day of their wedding, they have ample time to make sure that their vendors are ready, and that everything is in place before guests begin trickling in. Take advantage of this, along with your access to accommodating dressing suites, by having your wedding party members meet early. Typically, the bridal party will take more time to prepare and therefore schedule an earlier arrival. While the groom's party often requires less time to dress for the ceremony, you can ask them to come early so that they are on hand to assist with any matters that need to be handled before your event begins.

Give Your Bridesmaids Access To Hair And Makeup Services

In addition to having your own hair and makeup support, consider providing access to your bridal party as well. This is usually not something that the bride pays for, but it is typically made available to everyone who wants assistance. Because you are not paying, you should honor the wishes of anyone who says that they prefer not to use these services.

One thing to consider with makeup services is the possible need for touch-ups for anyone who was taken care of near the start of the day. Try to make sure the last person to receive assistance with their makeup has their look completed with time to spare, so these touch-ups, if necessary, can be done.

Provide Refreshments And Snacks For Everyone While You Prepare

The hours you spend dressing for your wedding may be the one opportunity you have to eat before your ceremony. Make sure you have water and snacks on hand to tide you over if you do not make time for a full meal. If you are asking people to arrive early, providing refreshments and snacks for them can be a nice way to thank them for working with you.

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