Use Our Landscapes To Create Stunning Bridal Portraits!

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Use Our Landscapes To Create Stunning Bridal Portraits!

As you take part in different pre-wedding moments, you will have the opportunity to capture images of yourself in your bridal gown that you can are eager to preserve. Your bridal portraits provide you with a lasting record of you the way you will look on your wedding day. While the focus of the picture is obviously on you, it is hard to overstate the importance of selecting the right space to take your photos. Texas Old Town welcomes brides who want to have their bridal portraits taken at our venue! Having our Texas Hill Country landscape as your backdrop will create consistency between these photos and the pictures from your wedding. This also gives you a great chance to explore the area and make choices about where you might take your first look photos on the day itself.

Finding The Perfect Spot For Your Bridal Portraits

For something as important as your bridal photos, you should not settle for pictures in any location! While planning your wedding with us, you can set aside time to come to our venue and have a photographer capture great images of you while you are surrounded by our lush foliage. With a reservation set, you can come to us and take the time you need to collect photos you will be excited to put up in your new home. These images are ones that parents often request copies of, too!

3 Tips For Enjoying Successful Bridal Portraits

  1. Take time to find the right spot at our venue. There are many terrific spaces that can work well for you, but you should exercise patience to find a spot that looks great, and one that also provides plenty of room for your photographer.
  2. Plan your hair and makeup trials the day of your portraits. By doing so, you take care of another pre-wedding obligation, and you enjoy a consistent look between your photos and the wedding day itself.
  3. Bring comfortable shoes! If you plan on taking pictures outdoors, be prepared by taking footwear that you feel comfortable in as you walk. Unless you intend to show off your wedding day footwear in your portraits, you may only need casual shoes with you during the bridal portraits.

Your Bridal Portraits Give You A Chance To Scout For A Spot Where You Can Take First Look Photos

While you are on site for your bridal portraits, you can take time to think about what you want to do on your wedding day. You may find that the right spot for your bridal portrait is also a great place to take first look photos! Having a space picked out in advance will allow you to start taking pictures without delay on the day itself, which can help you stay on track with starting your ceremony.

Enjoy Great Amenities And Gorgeous Surroundings At Texas Old Town!

Couples who plan a wedding at Texas Old Town can enjoy beautiful surroundings for their event, and they can take advantage of generous amenities that make planning easier! Find out more today by completing our online contact form or calling our Kyle, TX venue at 512.396.1800!