Using A Ring Bearer And Flower Girl In Your Wedding Ceremony

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Using A Ring Bearer And Flower Girl In Your Wedding Ceremony

When they make their respective marches down your aisle, your ring bearer and flower girl can elicit a positive reaction from your guests. This is usually one of the cutest moments of your wedding, but it is one that can take some planning. After all, working with younger children can be a challenge, as they can be unclear on what is happening, and may feel nervous with so many eyes on them. A ring bearer and flower girl are not mandatory roles - in fact, if you have a child-free wedding, you are better off leaving them out. With that said, they can add a truly touching moment to your wedding ceremony!

Do You Need A Ring Bearer And Flower Girl?

You are not obligated to include a ring bearer and flower girl in your procession. If you ask that only adults attend your wedding, making an exception for these positions can actually lead to some difficulties. You may have to pay for sitting services during the reception, so that the parents can enjoy themselves, or ask their parents to manage small children who can quickly become restless during the night.

If you do select these roles, you should remember that you have some control over how you assign them, and what you ask them to do. In particular, you may want to give your ring bearer a fake ring, and let the best man keep the real bands. That ensures that these important pieces are always in the possession of a trusted adult, rather than a child who may lose them.

Picking A Ring Bearer And Flower Girl For Your Wedding

People often turn to family members' children for their ring bearer and flower girl roles. If you do not have age-appropriate relatives, the children of close friends can certainly work well as alternative choices. Picking the child of someone who is already in the wedding party can be especially convenient, as they are already going to be at your rehearsal, so they can bring their child to practice their role before the day itself.

Make Sure Everyone Has A Chance To Rehearse Before Your Ceremony

Everyone involved in your wedding ceremony can benefit from practice runs during your wedding rehearsal. With that said, it can be especially important to talk your ring bearer and flower girl through their roles, and make sure they feel comfortable with what is being asked of them. While their parents, or other familiar adults, can help them when it is time to walk the aisle, practicing can play a big role in how well they manage to perform their roles.

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