We Invited People To Be In Our Wedding Party - What Now?

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We Invited People To Be In Our Wedding Party - What Now?

Soon after becoming engaged, you and your partner can quickly come up with ideal people for your wedding party. Once you ask people to be a part of your wedding party, you can start considering matters like what they will wear, and what they should do during your engagement period. As you work out what you want for your wedding theme, and start to bring the look of your event together, you can determine how your wedding party should look. While the people in your wedding can be less involved in planning, it is fair to ask that they be involved in different events before your celebration. If you feel that you will need more support during your engagement period, be honest about this when you ask them to join you.

Choosing What Your Wedding Party Members Will Wear

One thing to keep in mind is that wedding party attire should match what you want your guests to wear. For the groomsmen, you can actually have them wear an outfit that closely matches the groom. To set your partner apart, you can have them wear a different jacket color, or (for a more casual wedding) distinguish them with their vest color, tie color, or shirt color. Your bridesmaid dresses do not have to match one of your wedding colors, but they should fit in nicely with your color scheme.

Should Wedding Party Members Be Asked To Help With Wedding Planning?

While your wedding party members will be invited to different pre-wedding events like your bridal shower and your bachelor and bachelorette parties, they do not have to be a part of your planning process. This may not be the case for the best man and maid or matron of honor, as they tend to have more responsibilities. For the bachelor and bachelorette parties, you can let these individuals decide how involved the group should be in making plans.

Some couples who want to host a DIY wedding event may want their wedding party members to help with decoration making. Be careful about tasking people with services that are difficult for them to fulfill, as not everyone is comfortable with crafting. You should also disclose this expectation when you ask people to join your wedding party. For members who travel to be in attendance, this role may be one they cannot fulfill.

Make Sure People Are Present For Your Rehearsal

You may find that some wedding party members are unable to attend all of your pre-wedding events. This is more likely to occur if you have members who are traveling to attend your celebration. While this is understandable, make sure they know how important your wedding rehearsal is. This is your one chance to assign everyone their positions and give them an opportunity to run through the different parts of your ceremony.

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