What Can We Do To Make Our First Dance Special?

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What Can We Do To Make Our First Dance Special?

The first dance is not your first time in front of your guests, but it can be a time when you feel more exposed. Simply put, dancing while everyone watches can feel awkward, especially if you and your partner have not practiced your moves before your big day. Fortunately, with the right preparation this can end up being one of your favorite moments, and one that dazzles your guests. While some couples choose to do something ambitious with this part of their wedding reception, many others opt for something simpler and more traditional. You should choose what feels right for you, but consider how your proposed dance might fit in with (or stand out from) the rest of your event.

Your First Dance Can Be As Elaborate Or Modest As You Prefer

There is no rule that your first dance has to be anything more than a time when you and your partner meet on the dance floor and celebrate the start of your marriage with a standard slow dance. However, because the first dance is typically a means of kicking off the reception, many choose to do something more elaborate to start the night on an exciting note. You are free to do something more challenging, you can take a playful direction, or you can stick with something conservative. While most components of your wedding should fit in with your wedding theme and tone, you can deviate from it to have fun with your first dance.

Choosing A Song For Your First Dance

Any song that you and your partner love can serve you well as your first dance. If you are struggling to think of something that feels just right for the occasion, consider the following:

  • Do the lyrics fit you and your relationship?
  • Is there a song that corresponds to a particularly important point in your relationship?
  • Will your song choice be a fun surprise for guests?
  • Will it be easy to dance to your song?

The last point can be particularly important, but if a piece fits any of the above, or if it feels significant for any other reason, you can make it fit the occasion. To confirm that you choice feels right for your first dance, practice dancing to it at home and see how you feel.

Make Sure You Practice! (Even If You Keep Things Simple)

It may come as no surprise that couples who perform more elaborate or difficult "routines" during their first dance take the time to practice. No matter how difficult or simple you want your first dance to be, give yourself time to practice. Even if you plan to limit what you attempt on the dance floor, practice can make you feel more comfortable and more in the moment at your reception.

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