What Do You Really Want To Include On Your Registry?

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What Do You Really Want To Include On Your Registry?

Traditional wedding registries tend to be filled with appliances and items that you might need for your home. However, you may have a hard time finding enough of these items you really feel are worth asking guests to provide. Should you stick to conventional choices, or is it worth asking people for other gifts? Would you be better served asking people to donate money and items in support of your honeymoon? Remember, the gifts people bring to your wedding are meant to make your lives together easier and better. By being honest about your needs, you can help them provide you with gifts that are truly beneficial to you.

Using Your Registry To Support Your Honeymoon, Or Special Causes

One approach to your registry you could consider is one that focuses on your needs for your honeymoon. You can encourage a donation of funds to help offset the costs, so that you can have the best possible trip. You can also put out requests for travel-oriented items, like luggage, which can make your packing and departure easier to manage.

If you are at a loss for what you might ask for, and feel uncomfortable requesting cash donations as gifts, you may feel better selecting a charity or charities people can donate to on your behalf. This can turn your special day into an opportunity to help a noble cause, and give people the chance to show their appreciation by offering gifts.

Make Sure Your Registry Is As Easy To Use As Possible

No matter how conventional or nontraditional you are with your registry, you should try to make it as accessible and navigable as possible. Many stores have online registries you can create, and you can share the link or links on your wedding website. You will have plenty of responsibilities and challenges during your wedding planning period. With that in mind, you can be less than eager to field questions about what people should bring as gifts while so many other matters need your attention.

Make Sure You Keep Track Of The Gifts You Receive

Remember that you need to keep track of everything you are given - no matter what you choose to do with your registry, you will need to send out thank-you notes. Keeping up with what you are given, and who gave it to you, will make it easier to write up personalized notes.

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