Why Do Brides Create Wedding Day First Aid Kits?

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Why Do Brides Create Wedding Day First Aid Kits?

When it comes to preparing for a successful wedding day, anticipating small inconveniences can be important. To prepare for the unexpected, many brides will create their own wedding day first aid kit. This is not strictly for first aid supplies, though band-aids and aspirin can be smart addition to your kit! You can keep materials on hand to mend small fabric tears in your bridal gown, or wipes to clear away sweat discreetly. Texas Old Town can give you ample space to dress and organize your kit with our generous bridal and groom suites. These are included as part of the standard amenities that are available to all of the couples who use our Texas Hill Country surroundings for their special day!

The Wedding Day First Aid Kit Helps You Tackle Small Problems Quickly

Much of your engagement period will be spent preparing for big matters like finding the right wedding vendors, deciding on your guest list, choosing your wedding party members, and more. On the day itself, you can feel prepared to make the most of your event, but small problems can still intrude on your day. A wedding day first aid kit is a collection of supplies that can help you quickly and discreetly tackle a problem before it can create problems for you.

What Should I Put In My Kit?

A wedding day first aid kit can include band-aids to address a blister caused by your shoes, as well as aspirin and allergy medicine to address discomfort. With that said, you should focus on more than just the kinds of items you would find in a typical first aid kit! Consider including materials to stitch a tear in a dress, wipes, extra hair pins, and makeup you can use to perform a quick touch-up. When packing, you should make sure you have enough for multiple people, as you may have at least one bridesmaid who can also use what you have on hand.

Other Smart Choices To Help You Stay Comfortable During Your Wedding

Your wedding day can be a beautiful, exhilarating, and touching event, but it can also tax even the most energetic brides. We have a few extra tips to help you stay happy and comfortable over the course of your event:

  • Make sure you eat something before your ceremony! Many couples struggle to find any time to eat during the reception, as they tend to be busy.
  • Consider changing shoes between the ceremony and reception. This allows you to wear something more formal at the ceremony, but something more comfortable for dancing during the evening.
  • Hire an event coordinator to make sure everything runs smoothly. This person can make sure the event runs smoothly so you can focus on having fun!

Texas Old Town Can Provide A Lovely Setting And Great Amenities For Your Wedding

Texas Old Town provides couples with a beautiful space to enjoy an outdoor wedding nestled by Texas Hill Country. If you have questions about our Kyle, TX venue, please call us at 512.396.1800 or complete our online form.