Working With Wedding Party Members Who Live Far From You

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Working With Wedding Party Members Who Live Far From You

You may be physically far away from someone you are close to, but that does not mean you feel emotionally removed from them. Many people will have at least one person in their life they want in their wedding party who lives far enough away to make personal interactions difficult. While this does not mean they are not right for the role of a groomsman or bridesmaid - or even the role of best man or maid/matron of honor - it can affect some pre-wedding matters. In this situation, you can collaborate with people to see how much time they can dedicate to seeing you in person before the event, or accept that they will simply not be available for everything. You should also look for ways to make their visit easier, particularly when they arrive for the wedding itself!

Am I Asking Too Much Of Someone Who Has To Travel To Take Part In My Wedding?

Ultimately, your decision to include or not include someone in your wedding party is at your discretion. Because this is someone you know well, you can take a moment to consider whether they would appreciate the request to be in your party, or if they would be relieved at the lack of responsibility connected to the role. You can also delicately bring up the matter, and see if they are in a situation where they would be comfortable traveling.

Scheduling Pre-Wedding Events With Out Of Town Guests

Even if they are excited to help you celebrate at every pre-wedding event, it can be difficult for guests who live far from you to do everything. If you have several people who have to travel, you may want to consider condensing different events like the engagement party and the wedding shower into one larger occasion. If you like the idea of a more elaborate bachelor/bachelorette party, choosing a destination for your celebration can take everyone from home, and put them in a vacationing mood!

While it can be understandable for out of town guests to miss some pre-wedding events, they should make sure to be on hand for the wedding rehearsal. Because this is typically held the day before the wedding itself, it should not be difficult for people to make sure they are on hand the day before your celebration. This early arrival also ensures that travel delays do not make them miss your event.

Find Ways To Show Gratitude To Guests Who Travel To Be Part Of Your Special Day

For wedding party members and other guests, the choice to travel to be on hand for your celebration is not a slight one. With that in mind, you should look for ways to make their choice easier by providing tips on lodging (if necessary), and by pointing out fun ways to use their time around the wedding.

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